White Cotton Trousers

White Cotton Trousers

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White cotton high waist banana trousers 

White cotton high waist banana trousers from  SEVDAIDA. In this silhouette, we see the history of cinema, the history of fashion, the history of a woman. Banana pants appeared in the forties of the last century. Their homeland is America. These trousers have gained popularity thanks to the musical style of jazz. These are loose trousers, slightly tapering down. A characteristic feature of this style is a slightly high waist and several folds on the belt, which provides the extension of the legs in the hips. 
Made in Azerbaijan, SEVDAIDA is one of the emerging contemporary fashion brands in Azerbaijan.
Luxout.net offers only 100 % authentic luxury items. 

Size / S

Length / 101 cm

Condition / New with tag 

Code / 4485

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