About LuxOut

LuxOut – is a new life of the stylish designers’ creatures…
With LuxOut you can observe the past of the fashion and design world... There is a famous quote in the world of fashion: “Everything new is well-forgotten old” or “What was in fashion long ago will be in fashion again”.
Almost all the fashion houses are being inspired by archival outlines of their Old Masters when create new collections, and then present to our eyes the spirit of the past in a new appearance.
Many owners keep the world fashion masterpieces in their wardrobes - over the years, and even decades  - and occasionally dare to sell them. 
LuxOut is the platform where the ones are able to transfer their belongings into the careful hands, and others - to purchase the very same handbag or the most momentous coat from the legendary collection of a favourite brand.
We choose the most outstanding and iconic items from previous collections of world-class luxury brands. On our website you can find used and brand new items from the personal collections of the previous owners. Supporting sustainable fashion, Luxout online store allows you to SHOP and SELL authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion.
Besides, Luxout online store is the platform promoting made in Azerbaijan fashion brands. Carefully handmade, using the artisanal technique, local designers offer the contemporary and fresh glance to design of clothing and accessories with the best affordable prices!


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