SCARVES presents silk, handmade, high quality scarves both from local artisans and high end worldwide luxury brands like HERMES, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, CHOPARD, LOUIS VUITTON, EMILIO PUCCI etc.

Invest in your luxury accessory wardrobe with the best affordable prices.

We also present local silk scarves named KELAGAI:

A kelaghayi (kelagayi) is a type of traditional Azerbaijani women's scarves.

In 2014 Azerbaijan Kelagayi silk scarf was incorporated into the rundown of immaterial social legacy of UNESCO for its imagery and art. Kelagayi has the more significance than simply the scarves in Azerbaijan.
Azerbaycan kelagai silk scarf implies the insight, goodness, self reflection.
Made in Basqal (the best quality for kelagayi) district, Azerbaijan. Kelagayi is mostly known in foreign countries as silk scarf.

ElCarre branded kelagayi silk scarf especially and individually is made in Baskal region of Republic of Azerbaijan,
More colours of Azerbaijan kelagayi silk scarves are accessible at Luxout with the best price.

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