How to get pre owned Hermes items?

“Buy now, resell it for higher price!” – these words are referred to one of the best fashion brands in the world, HERMES…

Yes, Hermes is one of the brands to be considered timeless in terms of style and investment. But what kind of garments to choose from pre owned ones? How to get them? And how to be sure of their authenticity?

1. While choosing the proper category of Hermes garments pay attention to accessories – bags, scarves, jewelry, shoes. They are more durable, in better condition having characteristic details belonging only to Hermes. Clothing category is more complicated in terms of keeping them in best condition.

2. How to get them? E-commerce market of pre owned luxury goods is getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, sustainable fashion is a latest trend in the world. Thus, there are huge number of online and offline stores selling pre owned luxury items. While choosing the right reseller, make sure that reseller provides the detailed information about Hermes items. Then check it through Google all the mentioned details in order to be sure that the original item has the same details with the resold Hermes item. Besides stores (both online and offline), you can purchase Hermes products from your friends and in this case you get more information about the1st purchase date, the condition etc.

3.How to be sure of authenticity? İn case of Hermes, you can’t ask for the code of origin, as unlike Chanel, items of Hermes (bags especially) do not have authentication code. You can google the details (year of collection, color, elements, garments, the font of HERMES etc.) of original model and compare with the offered one. But if you still have doubts, there are several online authentication services, which on a paid basis you can easily check the items. For example, and others can help you without any doubts.


HERMES garments (especially bags and accessories) are the best investment option for those who value fashion. We, as, offer very interesting HERMES items and guarantee 100% of authentication. We ship worldwide and secure all our deliveries.


Be in fashion having your best investment!

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